633 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL
William (Bill) Zimmerman
Editor, Production
My Role

Edit news stories and design pages for the print edition of the Orlando Sentinel. Contribute to homepage story placement, social-media sharing and SEO (search-engine optimization) for OrlandoSentinel.com news content. On occasion, backfill as night news editor -- determining page-one and local-cover story selection while managing print and digital production issues on deadline.
My Biography

Complete and accurate information will enable media entities -- whether in print, on the Web or in broadcast form -- to rise to the top of ever-expanding choices.

Journalism organizations must break information down to the newest and most informative points needed by their audience, present them creatively, then add the background to tell a story in complete fashion. Those that succeed will become relied upon by a broad audience and enjoy success in their mission. Those who take lazier ways out will fall into the clutter of blogs and other quasi-news sources.

My goal as a journalist is to work hard every day to present solid, fair news that our staff's audience will find credible -- and to make it stand out above the fray.

Specialties: -- Content-based presentation skills -- Visual design education -- Forward-thinking coaching of colleagues, constructive feedback -- Ability to put self in audience's shoes in order to apply news judgment -- Eye for using alternative story form skills within an organization's established styles
My Interests

Spending time with friends & family or keeping in touch, pets (even though I'm allergic to cats), golf, home improvement, tech for the home, sports fan (especially football and baseball), fan of many kinds of music.