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Susan Reimer
My Role

Monday columnist for The Baltimore Sun's op-ed page. Thursday columnist for The Baltimore Sun's Health/Fashion section. Writes the blog Garden Variety. Writes cover stories for At Home, Health/Fashion, Taste, Live and Travel.
My Biography

A native of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Ohio University, Susan was hired by The Sun in 1979 as one of the first full-time women sportswriters in the country. In that capacity, she covered the Colts, the Orioles, the Stars of the USFL, the Triple Crown of horseracing, the America's Cup, the Super Bowl, the NBA championships, the World Series and the Sugar Bowl. In 1993, The Sun asked Susan to write a column about her life as a wife and the working mother of school-aged children. She has been the recipient of the National Headliner Award for her column, and the A.D. Emmert Prize for a cover story on the nature of forgiveness and the Vivian Castleberry Award for her writing about women. She is married to Gary Mihoces, a sportswriter for USA Today, and is the mother of two adult children. She lives in Annapolis.
My Interests

Susan is a student of yoga and is an intern in the University of Maryland's Master Gardener program. And if it were not for books on CD, she might not have time to read at all.
My Recent Articles

A grandmother for president [Commentary] 4/23/2014
The newest qualifier for leadership Now there are two.

A gender gap in confidence 4/21/2014
Women don't believe they're legitimately earned their own achievements In 1978, Dr. Pauline Rose Clance described a pattern of fear she found among people who secretly believe they have climbed too high and will be found out at any moment. She called it "the impostor phenomenon."

The science of grumpy old men, voodoo dolls and smart kids 4/16/2014
Men are grouchy for a reason, and kids don't need you as much as you think It is Science day in this space, and we will be taking a look a three recent studies: why men get grumpy after age 70, why parental involvement in a child's education isn't what it's cracked up to be and what makes couples stick pins in voodoo dolls that represent their mates.

Paycheck fairness: a way to motivate the base 4/9/2014
Election year timing seems cynical Sometime this week, women will have earned the same amount earned by a man during 2013 doing the same job. It takes us more than 15 months to earn what he earns in 12. That's why we celebrate Equal Pay Day each year in April, although "celebrate" is probably the wrong word.

Spring fever? It's late, too [Commentary] 4/7/2014
The garden looks strangely brown If it is really April, why does everything in the garden look so dead?