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Steve Chapman
Editorial Board Member and Columnist
My Role

Steve Chapman writes a twice-weekly column on national affars, which is syndicated in some 50 newspapers across the country, and writes editorials on legal issues, economics, and foreign relations. He also does a blog that appears on the Chicago Tribune web site.

Born in Brady, Texas in 1954, Chapman grew up in Midland and Austin. He attended Harvard University, where he was on the staff of The Harvard Crimson, and graduated with honors in 1976. He has been a fellow at the American Academy in Berlin and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and has served on the Visiting Committee of the University of Chicago Law School.

Chapman, who is married, has two sons, a daughter, and three stepsons. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago.
My Biography

Steve Chapman writes a twice-weekly column on national and international affairs that is syndicated in some 50 papers. A member of the Tribune editorial board since 1981, came to the Tribune from The New Republic magazine, where he was an associate editor. He has contributed articles to several national magazines, including Slate, The American Spectator, The Weekly Standard, Reason, and National Review. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio news programs, include The CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and National Public Radio’s Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation and On Point.

My Recent Articles

Wisconsin's voter ID law survives 7/31/2014
In a pair of decisions today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the voter ID law signed in 2011 by Republican Gov. Scott Walker. The court said it did not violate the state constitution by creating a new qualification for voting and didn't amount to a poll tax, as long as the state makes IDs available without charge.

Americans learn to undo government errors 7/31/2014
On marijuana, gay marriage and more Newspaper editorials rarely make news — I've been writing them for a long time, and, believe me, I know — but one did the other day, when The New York Times came out for legalization of marijuana. It was an agreeable development for anyone who, like me, believes in letting people live their own lives even if they do it badly. But its significance is much bigger than that.

The world mess Obama didn't make 7/27/2014
Chaos is the normal state of the planet The world is a hot mess. A commercial airliner was shot down over Ukraine. Iraq is under siege from Islamic radicals, the Taliban is rebounding in Afghanistan and civil war grinds on in Syria. Israel is fighting in Gaza. Negotiations on Iran's nuclear program have come up empty. China is bullying its neighbors.

Immigrants and the fear of disease 7/24/2014
Exaggerated fears are an unsavory perennial In 1952, Sen. Patrick McCarran of Nevada took the Senate floor to warn of the dangers posed by foreigners. The immigration system, he said, is a stream that flows into our society, and "if that stream is polluted our institutions and our way of life becomes infected." He was not the last person to see those migrating here as a terrifying source of contamination.

Those trapped in worst areas don't realize Chicago's improved safety 7/20/2014
Living in a city that had 82 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend, Chicagoans could be forgiven for envying the residents of Indianapolis.