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Stephen Rynkiewicz
Digital news editor
My Role

I produce the chicagotribune.com sections and databases on real estate, cars and jobs.
My Biography

Consumer and technology topics have been my specialty in 15 years as a Chicago Tribune editor, web producer, analyst and developer. Previously I was real estate editor and business reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times and helped lead the Society of Professional Journalists as national secretary-treasurer. I've also reported for Chicago suburban and community newspapers and taught journalism at Columbia College Chicago.
My Interests

East Village Association blogger, weekend remodeler and fan of jazz, theater, White Sox and other fine arts.
My Recent Articles

Twisted route to Ashland BRT 12/20/2013
--> Only in Chicago can it be surprising when a municipal hearing involves not only questions from the public, but answers too. There have been nothing but questions about the CTA's plan to devote two lanes of Ashland Avenue to express buses. Bus-only lanes were on the drawing boards five years ago along Jeffrey Boulevard, Halsted Street and several east-west streets. A Jeffrey route saw daylight last year with a downscaled 2-mile bus lane. But the others seem to have been abandon...

Another day at the office 11/22/2013
July 2013: The Stanley Cup visits the newsroom, but the news watch never stops. Hey. Got a second? When the boss sends email like this, I grab pen and notebook: Whatever's on his mind is rarely brief. But it doesn't take long to get laid off. Two vice presidents give me the news. There's not much to say: It's not performance, just the newspaper business. Details slide across the conference table at 11 a.m. in a navy blue folder from Staples – outplacement flier in the left pocket, se...

Journalism's pressing issue: Just the facts 9/25/2013
What do you think is the most important problem facing journalism in the U.S. today? The thought gives pause. Indiana University asks practitioners every decade as part of its survey "The American Journalist." How would a journalist answer today? Five years ago Yahoo! Answers posed the same question to its readers. The "best answer" was that journalists are biased, uninformed, lazy, repressed and insincere. This crowdsourced response is found in the same Internet search as a newspap...

The last neighborhood school 6/4/2013
Last month the Chicago Board of Education voted to close 50 schools, one a daily jog down Augusta Boulevard from my house. I don't have children there, and neither do my neighbors. Which is strange, because Elizabeth Peabody Elementary School is what the school district calls a neighborhood school -- in fact, the last neighborhood school in the East Village neighborhood. Principals, police and parents will stay busy this summer figuring out how to resume classes at another school in another ne...

Grandpa got a gun 2/19/2013
My grandfather was an outdoorsman. Wladislaw hunted in Wisconsin, and perhaps as a teenager in Poland -- pheasant in fall and rabbit in winter. Photos from fishing trips show his prized crappie catches, but no poses have turned up with hunting gear or trophy game. Yet lately Dziadek has been my stalking horse for thinking through the gun-control debate. He died when I was 3, leaving no tales of tracking deer or nesting in a duck blind. But Walter Jr. and I did the things he did with Walte...