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Baltimore, MD
Scott Dance
My Role

I'm a reporter covering all types of science discoveries with ties to Maryland institutions, and I cover weather news and trends for the Maryland Weather blog.
My Biography

Scott Dance is a native of Timonium and graduate of Dulaney High School and the University of Maryland, College Park. He spent four years working at The Diamondback, the campus daily in College Park, editing and covering the university administration and State House. After a stint covering Lowcountry life in Beaufort, S.C., Scott spent five years covering all sides of Baltimore's startup and corporate cultures for the Baltimore Business Journal. He is a Patterson Park resident.
My Recent Articles

Flash flood warning expires 7/29/2015
A flash flood warning declared for the Baltimore area expired at 6 p.m. Wednesday, the National Weather Service said.

This week's full moon will be blue -- sort of 7/29/2015
This month's full moon is a "blue" one by one definition, but not according to the traditional definition of a blue moon.

Latest Pluto data shows Earth-like glaciers, rapidly thinning atmosphere 7/24/2015
Pluto's "heart" contains shifting glaciers of frozen nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide, and its atmosphere is both deeper and disappearing more rapidly than scientists predicted, New Horizons mission leaders said Friday.

Has Baltimore's hottest day of the year already passed? 7/24/2015
On average, the hottest day of the year for most of Maryland comes in mid-July, according to U.S. climate data.

Where is Kepler-452b? 7/23/2015
You can't see it, but the latest Earth-like planet found by astronomers is out there in the night sky, within the feature known as the Summer Triangle.