7505 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA
Robert Brauchle
My Role

I am the city of Hampton beat reporter. My goal is to report on stories relevant to Hampton residents and, when relevant, to broaden those topics to readers in our entire coverage area.
My Biography

I am a Central New York native who has reported on both social and municipal issues in areas flooded with tourists during the summer and fled by snowbirds each winter. I understand the challenges most areas face when residents leave, and for whatever reason, do not come back. I look forward to learning what keeps Hampton Roads vibrant and a destination for both families and businesses. My former employers include the Watertown Daily Times and Utica Observer-Dispatch. Extraneous job experience includes: Making milkshakes, sorting vegetables and planting flowers, although those responsibilities were not under the same employer.
My Interests

The spectrum of my interests includes, but is not limited to: Writing, social media, sports, reading, mountain biking, musical instruments, travel and potted plants. A recent addition to this list also includes the history of Hampton Road.