435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Rick Tuma
Producer, Graphics
My Role

Producer of news graphics and illustrations.
My Biography

Started at the Chicago Tribune in early 1983 as a cartoonist producing Clout St., the comic strip was our local answer to Doonesbury's national perspective. We poked fun at Mayors Jane Burn, Harold Washington and Eugene Sawyer along with various aldermen/women of the time. The strip ended it's run at the end of 1985 and I moved into the news graphics group where I've stayed since.

Participated in a two year ChicagoTribune.com partnership between graphics and online. This pre-dated our more tightly woven partnership between Editorial and the web team that now exists.
My Interests

I enjoy collecting Happy Meal toys and a host of other action figures. I estimate that I have more than 1,000 toys but I display only about 300 in my workstation in the newsroom. If one tours the newsroom it's likely they will be directed past my area for a look.

I enjoy producing cartoons and illustrations for my use as social media avatars. As of October 2010, I've produced more than 100, including a Halloween Monster series this time around.

When I can find the time I enjoy working on the 100 year old house my wife and I live in, doing everything from carpentry to sweating joints on copper plumbing. I once assembled a 40-joint copper pipe connection without a single leak. Probably never happen again, of course.