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Prue Salasky
Reporter, Sr
My Role

Daily Press health reporter covering health news and features in Hampton Roads and beyond. Health is a top priority in everyone's daily life. We report on all aspects, from healthy lifestyles, diet, fitness and nutrition to the health-care debate, insurance issues and the business of health. We connect with readers through blogs, web chats and social media.
My Biography

Over the years I have worked as a reporter, editor, writer, columnist, radio host, blogger and teacher.
My Interests

Health, food, religion,art, social justice, family, politics, reading, fitness and travel.
My Recent Articles

Newport News mothers speak out against violence killing their children 5/23/2015
NEWPORT NEWS — Collena Wells, who most call Miss Rita, carried a framed photo of her son Saturday as she marched through the Southeast Newport News neighborhood where she lives and he died.

Man shot, killed in Grandy Village in Norfolk, police say 5/24/2015
A man was shot to death early Sunday morning in Norfolk, an official said.

Debate: What is the future of aircraft carriers? 1/1/0001
Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain with 26 years of service, recently published a 2,700-word article in the National Review on aircraft carriers. He looked at cost, capabilities and likely places for future battles.

Veterans' issues are no joke. Oh wait ... 5/23/2015
In March, a select group of former service members began preparing for a special assignment. Their former training would be useless. The Pentagon's biggest brains could not help.

Take a ferry ride to another world, Tangier Island 1/1/0001
Just a dozen miles and a 90-minute ferry ride separate the dot of land in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay from Virginia's mainland to the west and the Eastern Shore peninsula on the sunrise side, but it's a world apart. Everything from the distinctive twang of the local dialect to the cheek-by-jowl...