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Phil Rosenthal, the Chicago Tribune's media columnist, has been a working journalist since 17, when he talked his way into a regular freelance gig with the Waukegan News-Sun while still in high school.

As he earned his journalism degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rosenthal covered sports, spot news and media for The Capital Times in Madison, Wis. He spent 11 years at Los Angeles' Daily News, first as a sports writer, then TV critic and ultimately as a columnist whose work was nationally distributed by the New York Times News Service. He returned to his hometown and joined the Chicago Sun-Times in 1996, serving as deputy sports editor, sports columnist and TV critic. He moved to Tribune to cover media in 2005.

No. He didn't know what was about to happen, or how quickly.

Career highlights include modeling swimsuits for Sports Illustrated supermodel Vendela, getting a manicure from Lorena Bobbitt, chatting up David Letterman, smoking cigars with Jack Paar and introducing his mother to Johnny Carson.

Rosenthal is virtually certain no one actually reads biographies all the way through, and would be flattered you made it this far.

An award-winning journalist, he once saved the life of one of his three brothers and may have been kicked off Lake Forest High School's newspaper. He was an extra in the Oscar-winning movie "Ordinary People" and, although it appears he wound up on the cutting-room floor, he did get paid and fed and can claim to be just two degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Rosenthal is married and has two young children who don't yet read his column but recognize his picture in the paper. They are not yet embarrassed to be related to him.

Rosenthal Field in north suburban Lake Bluff is named for Rosenthal's late father, a former youth baseball coach and elementary school board member, not him.

Phil's column appears in the Business section Sundays, Wednesdays and whenever events warrant, which occurs more often than you might think.
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When the actual Col. Harland Sanders visited a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in New York's Greenwich Village in 1976, accompanied by estimable food writer Mimi Sheraton, the face of the chain made no attempt to hide his displeasure.

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