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633 N. Orange Ave. Orlando FL 32801
Orlando, FL
Pamela Dowd
Editor, Production
My Role

I design news and sports section fronts and inside pages, edit copy and write headlines for the Orlando Sentinel and work as an online sports producer for OrlandoSentinel.com. I also design shared pages for the South Florida Sun Sentinel sports section as part of the OneFlorida team.
My Biography

I joined the Orlando Sentinel sports department as a page designer in 1998 and have worked in a variety of production design and editing roles including regional sections, sports/news fronts, inside pages and special sections. Before joining the Sentinel, I worked as a sports reporter and designer for more than 10 years in Northwest Indiana.
My Interests

I enjoy the opportunity to play tennis, softball and basketball nearly year-round in Florida and am a lifelong baseball fan patiently (somewhat) waiting for the Cubs to win the World Series. I love dogs, notably my chocolate Lab, and rarely miss reruns of Snoopy TV specials.