501 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD
Mary Carole McCauley
My Role

As a general assignment arts reporter, I write feature stories on a wide spectrum of topics, from a judge who started a book club for female inmates to a man who makes musical instruments from junk, to an art museum's efforts to help preserve damaged cultural treasures in Iraq.
My Biography

In my 30 years as a newsdiva, I've done everything from critiquing theater to pinch-hitting a gossip column to covering juvenile court. In 1990, a photo of me and my shag haircut appeared in People magazine. (I was covering a trial in which a woman with multiple-personality disorder claimed that one of her identities had been raped, even though another gave consent.)

I graduated from the University of Chicago in 1979, and have plied my trade in Chicago, Milwaukee and, since 2000, in Baltimore.

From 1995-96, I had a fellowship for mid-career arts journalists at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., during which time, I took a lot of great classes, completed an internship with the Steppenwolf Theatre, and read up on the scientific basis of creativity.

I've also won four national awards for feature writing.
My Interests

Gardening, though I don't do it well. My camellias lean so far forward, they appear to be hailing a taxi, presumably to a better-tended plot.

I'm a HUGE fan of literary fiction, and devour everything from Trollope (his depictions of women are surprisingly astute, considering he was a middle-aged Victorian guy) to Anne Tyler to J.K. Rowling (Mine was the first review printed in th U.S. of Book 7, for which I was personally pilloried by Stephen King.)

Recreational arguing. My brother claims that no one in the McCauley family is capable of holding an opinion without immediately airing it. 'Nuff said.