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Orlando, FL
Kris Hey
Community Manager, Local News, Orlando Sentinel.com
My Role

Work with editors, reporters and photographers to enhance our digital content for breaking news, business, government and others within the local news team.

SEO lead and trainer for the OrlandoSentinel.com editorial staff, which includes reporters, editors and Web content managers.

Programmer of OrlandoSentinel.com's site automation.

Writer for the popular Moms at Work blog for working moms: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/blogs/moms-at-work

We can be found on twitter @momsatwork and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OSmomsatwork
My Biography

More than 20 years of writing, editing and Web production experience (17 years working online and more than five years in management) at Florida newspapers and magazines. Writing skills range from breaking news of all kinds to real estate and economic development to features stories and blogging.
My Interests

Spending time with my family, reading, watching movies, drinking good coffee and listening to music almost constantly. Favorite artists include Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, Roger Waters, The National and Peter Gabriel. Current obsessions are Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Walking Dead, Rectify and listening to Spotify and Last.fm. Articles below include all recent Moms at Work posts from our entire team.
My Recent Articles

Grieving for a family pet 12/12/2014
A few weeks ago, our beloved cat, Greys, died. It was a horrible time – my husband and son were camping with my son's Scout troop when Greys, who had kidney failure, became very ill.

Setback turns into lesson in advancement 12/12/2014
At the start of the school year, my son wanted to be a safety patrol, but he didn't make the cut.

This mom's 'just not that into' the holidays 12/4/2014
Instead of embarrassing my son, who has now reached puberty, I am going to own up to something you might not know about me.

A Charlie Brown Christmas airs tonight. Oh joy! 12/2/2014
Tonight "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is on, and that makes me happy. I've already checked the time and station (8:30 p.m. on ABC), even if these days one is hardly beholden to traditional TV broadcasts to watch a favorite show. Because there is something about watching Charlie Brown when it airs...

Summer planning now? Not a chance 11/25/2014
In late September, my Dad announced he was searching for a house for the 2015 edition of our annual, extended-family "beach week" vacation. By mid-October, he'd snagged a place.  His early planning, he conceded, seemed crazy. But we would be a larger group than usual, so he figured the...