501 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD
Kim Hairston
Photographer, News
My Role

Photographers play a role in newspaper journalism as critical as that of reporters. Both professionals tell a story and make the public aware of current events. While reporters use words, photographers present their vision through visual images. There are many components to being a newspaper photographer. First, photographers take photographs daily on assignment. Assignments may come from the news, business, features, or sports departments. Technology facilitates the work of photographers, enabling them to send photos directly from their location back to their office using a laptop. Photographers general edit themselves by knowing what to focus on in their coverage. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard software for digitally editing photographs. However, photographers are aware that there is only so much a picture should be altered on a computer. Photographers are bound by their journalistic ethics to be responsible and keep to the truth.
My Biography

I joined the Baltimore Sun photography staff in 1988 after completing a summer internship.