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Jon Hilkevitch
Chicago Tribune transportation reporter
My Role

Jon Hilkevitch is responsible for covering all types of transportation for the Chicago Tribune, both locally and nationally, although his primary focus is on the Chicago metropolitan region. The common thread in his reporting is a strong consumer-oriented focus, whether the issue is flight delays at O'Hare International Airport or railroad grade-crossing safety. Hilkevitch also writes a weekly commuting column, called Getting Around, which allows him to interact more informally with readers and to help resolve major problems as well as annoyances they experience on the transportation scene.
My Biography

Jon Hilkevitch, 58, has been the Chicago Tribune's transportation reporter since 1997. In 2001, a team of Tribune reporters co-led by Hilkevitch was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory journalism for their series "Gateway to Gridlock,'' which chronicled the capacity crisis confronting the airline industry and the nation's commercial airports. Since starting at the Tribune in 1979, first at the Suburban Trib, Hilkevitch has held a variety of reporting and editing jobs in the city, the suburbs and Washington. Hilkevitch lives in Lisle and commutes to work using Metra, the CTA, Chicago River water taxis and his own two feet. His son, Nicholas, is a pilot at a major airline.
My Interests

Planes, trains and buses, fast cars, bicycles, express ski lifts, golf carts, road bikes, motor scooters, folk music and great food.
My Recent Articles

Chicago mass transit projects stay on track in federal spending bill 12/14/2014
A $1.1 trillion spending bill that Congress completed action on over the weekend will provide funding to keep Chicago-area mass transit and roadway projects moving forward, as well as expand pedestrian and bicycle safety programs, transportation officials said.

Bin 36 to open at CTA headquarters 12/10/2014
There will be no need to get behind the steering wheel after tipping back drinks at a new Bin 36 restaurant that is set to open in the CTA headquarters building next spring, under a lease approved Wednesday.

Survey: Chicagoans wait half-hour daily for trains, buses, but could be worse 12/9/2014
Public transit riders in the Chicago area spend about a half-hour a day waiting for their trains and buses to arrive. And although it is perhaps the most frustrating part of the commute, it beats the average in other major U.S. cities, according to a survey released Tuesday.

Just when drivers think congestion couldn't get any worse 12/8/2014
Drivers last week endured delays caused by protests, rush-hour sign-repair work and gapers' block backups.

Cook County holds transportation policy open houses 12/1/2014
It's back to work and school after a holiday weekend, and there is plenty going on in the world of transportation.