633 N. Orange Avenue
633 N Orange Ave Orlando
Orlando, FL
Jim Stratton
Reporter, Sr
My Role

I cover the economy, politics and the occasional hurricane for the Orlando Sentinel.
My Biography

I've been a reporter for more than 20-years, working at newspapers in Virginia and Florida. Have been at the Sentinel since 1996.

I've covered politics, transportation, crime, medicine, higher education and a fistful of natural disasters (including Hurricane Katrina).

I now write about the economy. It's a little like covering Katrina, but with less water.
My Interests

Politics, newspapers, baked goods.

"The fact that a man is a newspaper reporter is evidence of some flaw in character." --- Lyndon B. Johnson

“I don’t like that little man, and don’t ever want to speak to him again.” --- U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris