501 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD
Jeff Landaw
Make-Up Person
My Role

I work on the copy desk, The Sun's quality control, keeping The Sun timely, typographically clean, well-written _ and mistake-free. (My favorite almost-mistake was when the reporter covering the release of the last Harry Potter book wrote "elocution" for "Occlumency;" management said I'd "saved us from the wrath of the Potterites.")
My Biography

In more than 3 decades at The Sun, I've also reported, written features, book reviews and commentaries and edited the book pages and the Sunday Perspective section. I've covered sports in New York/New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and traveled in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific.
My Interests

Other than family and friends, my first love is books: literature, including crime and fantasy/science fiction, history, biography, public affairs, travel and sports. And wordplay: puns, allusions, etc. Also, music, movies, theater, football, baseball, religious affairs and traveling.