501 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD
410-332-6944, 410-332-6945
Jeffrey Bill
Deputy Dir, Photography & Newsroom Technology Manager
My Role

As Deputy Director of News Photography, responsibilities include, but are not limited to, daily departmental functions such as Assignment Editor, coordinating assignments for the staff photographers as they are requested from reporters and their editors, and general Picture Editor, editing picture content for various sections of the newspaper and online content. Responsible include department staff scheduling, managing department's monthly/annual operating budget, staff equipment / upgrades / repairs. As Newsroom Technology Manager, responsibilities include providing technical assistance, system performance, and inventory for the newsroom's computer and cellular telephone/smartphone equipment and primary liaison between the Newsroom and IT.
My Biography

Born and raised in Syracuse New York. Education includes a degree from Westhill H.S., Syracuse, N.Y., Undergraduate studies at SUNY Oswego, Oswego, N.Y, and a B.S. in Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. Professional career began at Vermont Prints in Castleton, Vermont and later at Vermont Color in Bennington, Vermont. Joined The Baltimore Sun in January 1989. Married in 1990 and have 2 children.
My Interests

Family, Friends and Photography.