435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Heywood Hoffman
Editor, Sr - Digital News
My Role

I work with reporters to chase breaking news and other items of interest, in order to populate the Breaking News Center blog.
My Biography

My professional journalism career began on Nite-Owl, a pre-internet teletext-based news show that ran overnights on Channel 32 a long time ago. (Very hip for its time -- a clip is available on YouTube) Then after some real jobs (auto service, bartending, music promotion) I returned to journalism and honed my craft for 11 years as an editor at the City News Bureau of Chicago wire service. Since 1999 at the Tribune, I've continued editing copy but expanded into internet production. Journalism hasn't really changed, there's just many new ways to get it to you.
My Interests

Trying to remain alive, genial recalcitrance, skepticism, songwriting, listening to old hippie music (yes, The Grateful Dead), and working hard to treat my fellow creatures decently.