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Coley Harvey is the Orlando Sentinel's Florida State beat reporter. From Tallahassee, he provides the latest news and analysis on Seminoles sports ... for you.
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An Atlanta native (by way of Chicago and Macon, Ga.), Coley Harvey arrived in Tallahassee (by way of Orlando) in April of 2011. Since then, he has served as curator of the Chopping Block blog. Conference expansion rumors, a history-making conference championship basketball team, and never-ending questions about FSU's football team being "back" have helped define his tenure with the Orlando Sentinel.

While the sound of wood smacking cowhide REALLY gets this sports fan's passions pumping, he also has a very sound appreciation for Saturdays in the South. Before arriving in Orlando, he spent four falls chronicling Georgia Tech's football program for The Telegraph (Macon, Ga.). Before that, he deemed autumn heart attack season. As a student at Northwestern University, he spent bitterly cold September, October and November afternoons at Ryan Field cheering on his perpetual also-rans, known affectionately as the "Cardiac 'Cats."

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Reporting news, writing news, breaking news. Baseball, football and college basketball trump any other sport.
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