435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Christopher Borrelli
My Role

I am a general assignment features reporter - which sounds fairly dry, but this also means I have relatively few boundaries, subject wise, as long I am not stepping on the toes of anyone with a specific beat. I have written about the joy of toast, for example. It's a vast area to work in -if I focus in anything, let's say, pop culture, the communities that gather around stuff, food, literature, film
My Biography

I am from New England and mention it frequently. I grew up in Rhode Island, in Providence, where most of my family still lives - spread throughout New England and New York. I live in Rogers Park. I have two cats, though I am allergic - and the cats are staying because my (longtime)girlfriend says they're staying. I will accept your sympathy. Before the Tribune, I worked, most notably, at Premiere magazine and the Toledo Blade, where I was a features reporter and the film critic for a long while.
My Interests

This is hard to answer since I don't really think of myself as having the same interests for long. Maybe the way to reply is, I attend movies frequently; I sail; I read way too often for my own eyesight (how bad is this problem? so bad that I have had to buy two new book cases this year, and it's still not enough shelf space); I am a Red Sox cultist; I pay video games (there's no shame); I go to the ballet more than most men. More specific interests? The ocean (and oceanography). The Clash and Springsteen. Italian food and travel to less-than-obvious locations (a week in Portland, Me., instead of Portland, Ore.)