200 E. Las Olas Blvd.
200 E Las Olas Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Bob LaMendola
Reporter, Sr
My Role

Health reporter at the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale.

I write about all aspects of health care, medicine, health insurance, doctors, hospitals, medical fraud and personal health as they relate to South Florida.

I'm the only full-time health reporter at the paper. My job is deciding which few of a million potential topics I will write about.
My Biography

I have now lived in South Florida longer than anywhere else. Sure surprised me.

I came here in 1987 to work at the Sun Sentinel, expecting to stay a few years. But it's proven to be great, and home now. I have a terrific spouse, who was an editor here.

At the Sun Sentinel, I have covered the health beat since 1995. Prior to that, I wrote about local governments and tourism.

Before Florida, I was a reporter for 6 years at the Hagerstown MD Morning Herald, covering the state Legislature and local government.

Before that, I spent 3 years at the Public Opinion (Gannett) in Chambersburg PA.

Before that, I was growing up in Rochester NY and getting my psychology degree at the University of Rochester in 1976. Yes, like everyone else in Rochester, I worked at Eastman Kodak for a time (washing dishes).
My Interests

I'm a music guy. Especially jazz but I love lots of stuff (sorry, no country). I play electric bass in a local combo, the Jazz Survivors, that stays pretty busy considering the sparse jazz scene in this part of the world.

Music keeps me sane from the turmoil of journalism. There's nothing like the unspoken communication and emotion of playing tunes with other humans. It's the best.

To compensate for my limited musical skill, I've taken on the role of getting the gigs for the band so these other superb musicians will let me play with them. www.jazzsurvivors.com.

My other outside endeavor is as a board member of the nonprofit The Humanity Project, dedicated to helping people achieve their highest potential (and very active in the anti-bullying arena).