435 N. Michigan Avenue
5th Floor/Features
Chicago, IL
Bill Hageman
My Role

A writer in the Features Department, I cover a variety of topics -- gardening, travel, home repair/improvement, health, family and pets, among them.
My Biography

I was born in Oak Park and grew up in Chicago. My first newspaper job was as a part-time copy boy at Chicago Today. I was so impressed with the Sports Department's copy editors -- they smoked smelly cigars, belched aloud, swore with great regularity, insulted each other, told jokes and spent much of their day talking baseball -- that I decided on a career in journalism. I have worked at newspapers in Chicago, Michigan and Delaware, never ever lighting up a smelly cigar. I also had lunch once with Abe Vigoda.
My Interests

My family -- three daughters, one wife, two dogs -- and baseball. Reading, music, travel, cooking, gardening, curling, uncurling.