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Bill Daley
My Role

Bill Daley is a food and feature writer with the Chicago Tribune. In tackling the beat, Daley covers chefs and food personalities, cooking techniques and trends. He is active in social media, notably Twitter and Facebook.
My Biography

Daley arrived at the Tribune in 2004. For six years, he wrote the Good Eating section's weekly wine column, "Uncorked," and a Sunday q-and-a column called "Daley Drink" for four years. He broadcast a weekly food and wine radio segment for five years, first for WBBM-AM and then for WGN-AM. Prior to the Tribune, Daley was a food writer and restaurant reviewer with the San Francisco Chronicle and spent 11 years at the Hartford Courant, where he ultimately became the Sunday magazine’s restaurant reviewer. He served as president of the Association of Food Journalists from 2002-2004. A graduate of Manhattanville College, Daley also holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. He is a resident of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.
My Interests

Social media, restaurants, theater, art (esp. painting), numismatics, popular culture, France, assorted monarchies, genealogy, history.
My Recent Articles

Cracking the egg shell hassle 4/15/2014
Older eggs peel more easily, plus other eggcellent tips Q: When I boil eggs I get variable results, sometime the shells are easy to remove other times they stick tightly to the whites.  Is there a trick?  I would like this year's colored Easter eggs to be easy to shell.

Apple crisp recipe lost, but here are some alternatives 4/8/2014
Q: About 30 or more years ago there was a recipe in the Tribune for Oatmeal Raisin Apple Crisp. I made it for my four children for breakfast all the time and they loved it. I have since lost the recipe and they're still asking for it. Would it be possible to find this recipe?

Palmer House tartar sauce fondly remembered 4/1/2014
Served with a 'filet of sole' that wasn't sole at all Q: I grew up in South Shore -- St. Bride's parish -- in the '50s. My Irish mother took me to the Palmer House on Fridays for their filet of sole. Those days, there were lines down the street of people waiting to get into the restaurant at lunchtime. It was served with the most wonderful tartar sauce in the world, along with cole slaw and a hard roll. Now I'm in the Denver area and with Lent in full force, I'm drooling just thinking about it....

Beignet recipe sought 3/25/2014
New Orleans classic featured in 1973 article Q: In a column in your food section, written by Ruth Ellen Church, titled "Glorious desserts from New Orleans" ... During some of our flooding periods some of my recipes received a washing. I could not save all of them. However, half of this article was destroyed and I would appreciate if it is available to purchase that paper. Mainly interested in the "doughnuts."

St. Joseph's Day recipes 3/18/2014
Reader looks for dishes to serve on saint's feast day Q: With St. Joseph's Day coming up in March I wonder if you have some recipes for the St. Joseph's table?