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Bill Daley
My Role

Bill Daley is a food and feature writer with the Chicago Tribune. In tackling the beat, Daley covers chefs and food personalities, cooking techniques and trends. He is active in social media, notably Twitter and Facebook.
My Biography

Daley arrived at the Tribune in 2004. For six years, he wrote the Good Eating section's weekly wine column, "Uncorked," and a Sunday q-and-a column called "Daley Drink" for four years. He broadcast a weekly food and wine radio segment for five years, first for WBBM-AM and then for WGN-AM. Prior to the Tribune, Daley was a food writer and restaurant reviewer with the San Francisco Chronicle and spent 11 years at the Hartford Courant, where he ultimately became the Sunday magazine’s restaurant reviewer. He served as president of the Association of Food Journalists from 2002-2004. A graduate of Manhattanville College, Daley also holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. He is a resident of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.
My Interests

Social media, restaurants, theater, art (esp. painting), numismatics, popular culture, France, assorted monarchies, genealogy, history.
My Recent Articles

Doggie bag hacks turn leftovers into something new, delicious 6/17/2015
Leftovers don't have to look or taste like leftovers anymore, listlessly plopped from doggie bag to plate with possibly a quick zap in the microwave. Smartly use those leavings, whether from restaurant meals or takeout chow to create something new and delicious. In so doing, you'll even be making...

Minestrone recipe gets deep flavor from soup bone 6/15/2015
Q: Many years ago (approximately 40 to 45 years), the Tribune published a recipe for minestrone soup. It was a large-quantity soup that required two days to make. I have not had any minestrone soup since that equaled your recipe and miss it. I would hope that you can find it for me and any other...

Paula Wolfert tribute cookbook project launched on Kickstarter 6/12/2015
Paula Wolfert, the famed cookbook author and teacher who has been diagnosed with the early stages of dementia, is the focus of an unusual tribute: a "biographical cookbook" being funded through Kickstarter.

Something new for Clarke's on Belmont 6/12/2015
What's up with Clarke's at 930 W. Belmont Ave.? Depends, I guess, on what you read or whom you ask.

City Winery opens along Chicago River 6/11/2015
If you're feeling a little thirsty June 12 — and you know you will be, given it's a Friday — walk over to the opening of City Winery Chicago's new Riverwalk outpost at Marina Plaza, on the south side of the Chicago River between State and Dearborn streets.