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Bill Daley
My Role

Bill Daley is a food and feature writer with the Chicago Tribune. In tackling the beat, Daley covers chefs and food personalities, cooking techniques and trends. He is active in social media, notably Twitter and Facebook.
My Biography

Daley arrived at the Tribune in 2004. For six years, he wrote the Good Eating section's weekly wine column, "Uncorked," and a Sunday q-and-a column called "Daley Drink" for four years. He broadcast a weekly food and wine radio segment for five years, first for WBBM-AM and then for WGN-AM. Prior to the Tribune, Daley was a food writer and restaurant reviewer with the San Francisco Chronicle and spent 11 years at the Hartford Courant, where he ultimately became the Sunday magazine’s restaurant reviewer. He served as president of the Association of Food Journalists from 2002-2004. A graduate of Manhattanville College, Daley also holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. He is a resident of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.
My Interests

Social media, restaurants, theater, art (esp. painting), numismatics, popular culture, France, assorted monarchies, genealogy, history.
My Recent Articles

Passover meals with a modern twist 3/31/2015
Passover is a millennia-old story of freedom that continues to inspire celebration. But if you're finding holiday menus a bit ho-hum, turn to the latest batch of Jewish cookbooks for some fresh ideas and vivid flavors. Mix some modern dishes in with old favorites at Passover, which begins at...

Peanut butter cookie search leads to unexpected source 3/30/2015
Q: Many years past the Tribune posted a recipe for Giant Peanut Butter Cookies — the recipe was previously made in Chicago Public Schools. It is my family's favorite recipe, and I have misplaced it for a couple of years now.I have searched your archives and cannot find it. Ifyou could...

Review: 'Hissing Cousins' by Marc Peyser and Timothy Dwyer 3/26/2015
If the predictions of pundits and pols hold true, voters in 2016 will have little to decide but choice of dynasty: Bush or Clinton. Where, oh where, are the new faces and names, the critics have been moaning. Yet, American politics has long been influenced by families for whom governance is a...

Some alternatives to a missing brownie recipe 3/23/2015
Q: Several or many years ago I cut out a recipe in the Chicago Tribune for brownies. These were the best brownies ever. After putting the dough in the pan you put in a jar of marshmallow creme. I cannot find my recipe and I really miss making these brownies. They were so moist and oh so good!...

Missing mom's meatballs 3/16/2015
Q: I am looking for a really old recipe (about 50 years old) that my mother would make. It was a meatball recipe that included cream of mushroom soup and beer in the sauce. I even think there was beer in the meatballs. Can you help?