285 Broad Street
Hartford, CT
Zac Boyer
My Role

Zac Boyer has covered everything from the national trampoline championships to the Fiesta Bowl during his four years at The Hartford Courant and realized they’re really not all that different. He’s written stories on a cell phone from the back seat of his car, chased down rioters after championship games, gotten lost on a stadium concourse on deadline and been needled by former UConn football head coaches at introductory press conferences. His primary responsibilities include college and high school sports, though doing a good job, telling the truth and enjoying himself are also on the list.
My Biography

A lifetime Connecticut resident, Zac was born in Hartford and raised under the rock more commonly known as South Windsor. He began at The Courant in May 2007 after his junior year at the University of Connecticut, where he pursued sports reporting as a freshman after he realized he could get paid to attend sporting events but failed to understand the work that comes with it. Since then, Zac graduated with two highly useful degrees – history and journalism – and spent time as a freelancer, eventually having work published in over two dozen outlets.
My Interests

Zac enjoys reading, writing, learning and traveling, all of which he’s fortunate to find are parts of his job. He prefers Boston over New York, both the city and its teams, and is fascinated by the history of baseball, wherever exactly it was invented. He will one day visit the pyramids in Egypt, get his pilot’s license, write a book or two, converse with locals in their language and retire proud of all he’s accomplished.