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Newport News, VA
Tamara Dietrich
My Role

To write what I think about local people and issues, and incur the wrath of readers. Actually, many readers happen to agree with me -- but usually the ones I hear from are the ones who want to string me up, and not in effigy.
My Biography

Born in Germany to American parents. Raised in rural Appalachia. The second youngest of seven children.

For as long as I can recall, I've wanted to write for a living. Journalism gave me that chance -- as a reporter, editor and columnist. It's landed me at newspapers in several states, from upstate New York to Arizona. And it's helped me meet fascinating people of every stripe -- congressmen to criminals, Mother Teresa to Mike Tyson, illegal immigrants to war heroes. I've reported from Columbine to Ground Zero to Mexico to Russia.

I arrived at the Daily Press in late 2002 as an editor. A year later, I became a columnist.

I live now in a small town in Virginia, in a little house that predates our Republic, and looks like one of those dormered woodframes you see in Colonial Williamsburg. It requires a lot of work. Some people in town say it's haunted; I'm not convinced. And it has a name: Pollard's Cottage.
My Interests

Writing, writing, writing. When I'm not writing at the office, I'm writing at home, working on several books, with one nearing completion.

I hike, bike and garden. And I subscribe to magazines I never have time to read. In my spare time, I wrangle with my 16-year-old son.
My Recent Articles

Back off, New Black Panthers 3/26/2012
On Saturday, the racist group New Black Panthers announced a $10,000 “bounty” for the “capture” of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot an unarmed teen to death last month in a gated community in Florida. Zimmerman wasn’t arrested or charged in that incident; he claimed he was defending himself when 17-year-old Trayvon Martin attacked him from behind. What Martin would claim is moot, of course, since dead teens don’t talk. While the country wrestles with what really we...

Bad newz for Marcus Vick 2/29/2012
Marcus Vick’s real problem? He needs a daily planner to keep all his court dates straight. At this writing, the 27-year-old has-been college football star — younger brother to ex-felon and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick — remains a fugitive from justice for blowing off court appearances in Newport News. His latest no-show was 5 p.m. Monday at the city jail, where he was ordered to serve 10 days for contempt of court after failing twice to show up for a charge of driving on a susp...

Big Daddy Guv'ment knows best about lady parts 2/23/2012
If Republicans in Richmond think their revised bill to force a needless ultrasound on women before they can exercise their constitutional right to abortion is less heinous than the original, think again. They believe that forcing a pregnant woman to submit to an external wand scan over her abdomen, rather than inside her vagina, makes the whole nasty business OK. It does not. It only exposes the raw hypocrisy of conservative ideologues who cry foul at the idea of government intruding on priva...

Suffolk School Board: Ignorance in action? 2/9/2012
Democracy is wasted on the ignorant. Sorry, folks, but that’s the truth. And it’s never more true than among certain members of the Suffolk School Board, which is poised to outlaw student clothing that is “not in keeping with the student’s gender.” And that, my friends, is a glaring violation of student rights and federal law. Yet Superintendent Deran Whitney — spurred by board vice chairwoman Thelma Hinton — is proposing to alter the dress code to make sure male students don’t wear them. Do...

Soylent Green is ... baby people 2/8/2012
Serious question: When was the last time you ate a human fetus? Never, right? Well, an Oklahoma state senator is so appalled at the very idea that such a thing could happen that he’s introduced a bill to ban the use of fetuses in food production. That’s right — to make it illegal for us to eat human fetuses. Ralph Shortey told the Associated Press he’s never actually heard of human fetuses in sodas or soups, but he found some stuff online about embryonic stem cells cultured and recultured fro...