633 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL
Steven Ford
News production editor
My Role

Responsible for print and online communication at the Orlando Sentinel. Also help maintain the newspaper's website devoted to the Walt Disney Co. and related topics. Steven writes about an array of Disney-centric topics but specifically explores the digital and technical ways in which Disney creates a unique branded experience for the company's fans and park guests.
My Biography

A 24-year veteran of daily newspapering, Steven has worked as an editor, a writer and a page designer at various daily publications. He continues to use his writing and visual-communication skills to share stories and information with online readers.
My Interests

Apple Inc., The Walt Disney Co., mass media, social media, technical innovations for communication, long-distance running, Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tragically Hip, dystopian themes in literature, camping, the Dead Kennedys, cinematography of the late '60s and early '70s, H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu mythos, cartography, Pink Floyd, entropic decline in social and cultural systems, Raymond Chandler, Florida history, Radiohead, U.S. space program, lagomorphology, Hunter S. Thompson, American railroad systems (1917-1970), Elmer Kelton novels, Rush, typography, photography, cosmology and extinct civilizations.