435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Steve Rosenbloom
My Role

Steve writes the RosenBlog for the Tribune's Sports Website, while also writing a column and other items for the Tribune's Sports Section. Additionally, Steve writes a weekly poker Poker column that is nationally syndicated.
My Biography

Steve has covered sports for more than 30 years, writing columns for the Chicago Tribune since 1996. Before that, he wrote a column for the Chicago Sun-Times for five years. He has covered baseball, football and hockey for the The National (moment of silence please -- thank you) and the Los Angeles Daily News.
My Interests

My main interest is Luscious, the woman I love. Other than that, it's cooking (bacon makes everything better), movies ("Slap Shot'' is the greatest film of all-time), cigars (Ashtons, thank you) and poker. Oh, and avoiding home improvement.