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Stephen Rynkiewicz
Digital news editor
My Role

I produce the chicagotribune.com sections and databases on real estate, cars and jobs.
My Biography

Consumer and technology topics have been my specialty in 15 years as a Chicago Tribune editor, web producer, analyst and developer. Previously I was real estate editor and business reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times and helped lead the Society of Professional Journalists as national secretary-treasurer. I've also reported for Chicago suburban and community newspapers and taught journalism at Columbia College Chicago.
My Interests

East Village Association blogger, weekend remodeler and fan of jazz, theater, White Sox and other fine arts.
My Recent Articles

Hackers, nonprofit workers bridge a digital divide at the Chicago School of Data 9/24/2014
Civic hackers plan next steps at the Chicago School of Data conference. "If you look around the room," says programmer Neil Rest, "it’s pretty clear which are the hackers and which are the nonprofits and which are the suits. There needs to be more communication." We're in the main hall of Willis Tower's Graham Center, where the Smart Chicago Collaborative has convened about 250 people " using data to improve the lives of regular residents." Rest and I are on the hacker periphery: He'...

The one sketchy thing about BuzzFeed that would shame a politician. Or at least might. 7/30/2014
BuzzFeed serves a pop-culture diet heavy on listicles, but light on originality. Let's get serious about plagiarism, starting with 7 Miracle Babies To Warm Your Heart Today . It's an array of neonatal success stories from BuzzFeed, and the first in a list of 41 posts that got writer Benny Johnson fired. Sure, the roundup seems derivative, citing four photo agencies, three TV websites, two newspaper websites, a parenting blog, a hospital and a web link that goes nowhere. But being ...

Journalism ethics: A Chicago minority report 4/24/2014
SPJ's Chicago regional ethics conference, before the the career breakouts. Midwest journalists met in Chicago to discuss their code of ethics, and immediately got bogged down in the generalities. Truth to tell, mention ethics on a bright spring afternoon and people start drifting away. Students cleared the room when job-hunting sessions started. But after live-blogging professional sessions at the Society of Professional Journalists regional conference, I caught up on efforts to revise...

The turtle on his accomplishments 3/20/2014
Whatever I do, I like to take a deep dive. What's the point in just keeping your head above water? Fishing seems to be taking over my life. Sponges and jellyfish aren't enough challenge. What gets me going is the hunt for shrimp and other big game. Swimming against the current has to be done just right, but once you get into the rhythm it's as natural as digging for worms. And when you're done for the day it's hard to feel lethargic. I head to a favorite little swale. It's yards and yards fr...

Twisted route to Ashland BRT 12/20/2013
--> Only in Chicago can it be surprising when a municipal hearing involves not only questions from the public, but answers too. There have been nothing but questions about the CTA's plan to devote two lanes of Ashland Avenue to express buses. Bus-only lanes were on the drawing boards five years ago along Jeffrey Boulevard, Halsted Street and several east-west streets. A Jeffrey route saw daylight last year with a downscaled 2-mile bus lane. But the others seem to have been abandon...