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Stephen Rynkiewicz
Digital news editor
My Role

I produce the chicagotribune.com sections and databases on real estate, cars and jobs.
My Biography

Consumer and technology topics have been my specialty in 15 years as a Chicago Tribune editor, web producer, analyst and developer. Previously I was real estate editor and business reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times and helped lead the Society of Professional Journalists as national secretary-treasurer. I've also reported for Chicago suburban and community newspapers and taught journalism at Columbia College Chicago.
My Interests

East Village Association blogger, weekend remodeler and fan of jazz, theater, White Sox and other fine arts.
My Recent Articles

Woodstripper's Ball [and Chain] 6/19/2015
Jazz Age musician Bix Beiderbecke, patron saint of woodshedders and woodstrippers (Cliff Wirth / Chicago Sun-Times) At the Chicago Sun-Times, I talked myself into taking over the Around the House column. After coming into the office every Monday morning with remodeling stories, my boss thought I should put my research to better use. The great Les Hausner set the feature's first-person format, plus the frequent dashes and paragraph breaks. This installment is a sentimental favorite. It'...

Let them tweet cake: 'Marie Antoinette' at Steppenwolf 3/8/2015
Ericka Ratcliff, Tamberla Perry and Alana Arenas in "Marie Antoinette" (Steppenwolf Theatre Company) "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" is just another meme in Steppenwolf Theatre Company's production of " Marie Antoinette ." We're invited to think of the Enlightenment as the start of our unenlightened age. Seems like a daft notion, but then again how can rebels still see beheadings as all the rage? The production starts with the Capet queen and her ladies-in-waiting decked out in wide-con...

Jobs report: A forest of unicorns 3/6/2015
"The Unicorn in Captivity," tapestry circa 1500 (Metropolitan Museum of Art) The economy's rebuilding, but without a blueprint. Today's drop in unemployment comes with unexpected growth in payrolls: 295,000 last month, 239,000 in January and 329,000 in December. But that hasn't given much relief to underemployed or longtime jobless workers. Hiring managers now talk about hunting unicorns without irony: To navigate changing terrain, they seek rarities with creative and technical abil...

Mentors inspect, adapt Agile approach 1/25/2015
"The Agile Mentor" introduced Project Management Institute Chicagoland Chapter members to the idea of using work teams as an opportunity for mentoring and growth. The continuing-education session at DePaul University was part of a long-running chapter program to match project managers with students of the discipline. In this case, professionals adopted a scrum team's self-organizing principles to “lead without the title” and look for mentors in their own practice. Corporate event pl...

A measured approach to youth programs 1/16/2015
Once the program's over, leaders ask: What just happened? Project managers call it monitoring and control. We gather data to measure progress toward our goals. Nonprofit funders may require it. When children are research subjects, sponsors may set ground rules . In any case, youth program leaders admit the challenges of collecting and presenting the data. At the Hive Chicago Buzz hackathon, members of a data working group dubbed the Think Tank pledged to create a self-evaluation ...