101 N. Sixth Street
Allentown, PA
Stephanie Sigafoos
Community Manager/Online Producer/Social Media
My Role

Responsible for updating and maintaining the mcall.com website with stories, photos, graphics, videos, blogs, user generated content and Syndicate and wire services. I also check the site for accuracy and relevance, and work to promote the Morning Call through various social networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and mobile alerts.
My Biography

Stephanie has more than 10 years of experience in both broadcast and online media, including 6 years (and counting) at The Morning Call. As an online producer, she has worked on projects ranging from news and sports to entertainment. This includes elections (general and primary), Philadelphia Phillies World Series coverage, the high school Varsity section, Musikfest and Mayfair. She has also placed an emphasis on engaging the newsroom's efforts on providing blogs (Lehigh Valley Music, TV Watchers, SportsTalk) and other non-traditional news sources.
My Interests

Social media, music, travel, running/fitness, TV, movies, coffee, cooking, volunteering