435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Scott Stantis
My Role

I create five editorial cartoons a week for the Chicago Tribune. My work is syndicated to over 125 newspapers by Tribune Media services. I also create the comic strip Prickly City which enjoys international syndication through United Features Syndicate. On Monday I do a weekly rant for WGN America's 9:00pm newscast. I team up with Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn to do a weekly podcast called "The Prickly Pair Podcast".
My Biography

I was born in San Diego. Went to junior and senior high school in Madison, Wisconsin. Returned to Southern California where I feel in love with editorial cartooning and my wife of three decades, Janien Fadich. We now live in Chicago and have two grown sons.
My Interests

Books, art and everything in-between.