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Ross Werland
Editor, Source
My Role

I've been editing the Chicago Tribune Travel section for almost three years. That may sound like a fun job -- and it is a lot better than many -- but much of the time that means editing the travel stories that other people write. So most of my travel is vicarious in nature. So I'm always interested in where people are going, where they've been and the mechanics of all that.
My Biography

I started in the newspaper business as a go-fer at the Orlando Sentinel straight out of high school. I attended college while doing that, then became a clerk, a reporter and eventually a copy editor before moving to the Chicago Tribune in 1981. At the Tribune, I worked as a copy editor in news until 1986, when I moved into the features department. There I worked as a slot editor on the Tempo desk, then moved to the Home section before becoming editor of the suburban Tempo Lake section. From there I worked in the Health & Family section, the Q section and now Travel.
My Interests

I love to travel, of course, but I also have interests in outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, kayaking, backpacking -- pretty much anything that involves being outside. I also have an interest in history, particularly the Civil War, the War Between the States, the War of Secession ... whatever you want to call it.