285 Broad Street
Hartford, CT
Rick Green
My Role

I write three newspaper columns a week and I blog all day at CTConfidential from when I wake up until the light goes out. Sometimes I'm on TV. I love reporting and writing about politics, local controversies and the little guy getting screwed by the system. That most definitely includes probate court. There is nothing better in the world than writing for a newspaper that magically appears on my doorstep every morning at 5:30.
My Biography

I was born in Connecticut, grew up in Vermont and spent the best year of my life working nights at a bookstore in San Francisco. There's a dog, three teenagers and a lovely wife at my West Hartford home. I've written about schools, casinos, Indians, politics and pretty much anything to do with Connecticut over the last 25 years. I'm a UVM and Northwestern grad. I'm the youngest of five, so I always assume I'm guilty.
My Interests

Books, arguing, my wife, cycling, my kids, running, the Red Sox, my flower garden, cooking, going to Vermont, skiing, coffee, Yellowstone National Park, pop culture, the beach, mountains, movies, reading, keeping daily newspapers alive.