285 Broad Street
Hartford, CT
Patrick Raycraft
Photographer II
My Role

I am a staff photographer and part-time photo editor here at the Hartford Courant. My duties include shooting news, sports & feature pictures for both print and web. I work with a very talented staff and continue to learn how to tell stories with photographs.
My Biography

I have worked at the Courant since 1997 when I began as a freelancer. Since 1999, I have been a full-time staff photographer. My coverage has included much of Hartford's ever-growing Latino community. I started my career as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic and taught high school Spanish. I always had a deep interest in both photography and current events. I eventually earned my M.A. in photography from Ohio University. In a lot of ways, I still approach what I do at the Courant as a teacher. I learn all I can about my subjects and try to convey this information to the reader in an accurate, fair and visually compelling way. I have worked on stories in Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
My Interests

Spanish language & culture, audio storytelling, investigative reporting, travel