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Monica Eng
Watchdog food and health writer
My Role

Monica Eng is a Watchdog reporter with the Chicago Tribune who focuses on food and consumer issues. In this role,she examines how well the food industry and government agencies are serving the public, and how consumers can make the best choices. She also writes reguarly for the Good Eating section, focusing on cooking, health, sustainability and food trends.
My Biography

Monica Eng has been at the Tribune since 1996. During that time she has served as an editor and reporter covering entertainment, ethnic culture and food. In 2009 she moved to the Watchdog team to look at these issues with a stronger investigative and consumer focus. Eng has won various awards for her coverage of cultural and consumer issues. Her food writing has been nominated for five James Beard awards on topics ranging from the ethics of meat to why Chicago Public Schools serve kids nachos everyday. Before coming to the Tribune, Eng worked as a construction worker in Nicaragua, a researcher in Uzbekistan and a journalist at the Daily Southtown and Chicago Sun Times. She is a proud product of Chicago Public Schools--as are her siblings, children and parents.
My Interests

Food, health, cooking, sustainability and education. See a gallery of Monica Eng's James Beard nominated stories about school nutrition at chicagotribune.com/schoolfood or just click on "My Blog" under her photo. You can also find her work at www.chicagotribune.com/features/food/stew/
My Recent Articles

Food-poisoning tweets get city follow-up 8/13/2013
Health authorities seek out sickened Chicagoans, ask them to report restaurants When Juan Anguiano fired off a tweet about a bout of food poisoning in April, he thought he might hear back from sympathetic friends or pick up a new follower.

'Kitten season' brings call for foster homes 7/30/2013
Shelters are filled with newborn felines who need plenty of TLC to survive Laura Anseth already cares for two children and several pets, but this month she decided to become a foster mother to two sickly litters of newborn kittens.

Rice joins growing field of sprouted food choices 7/24/2013
But is it worth all the work, money? If you take a good look around at your local grocery (especially if it has a healthy bent), you'll likely notice a widening field of sprouted foods.

Review: 'On the Noodle Road' by Jen Lin-Liu 7/19/2013
Lin-Liu's smorgasbord is tasty, but overwhelming For me, the best travel writing always comes with a generous portion of food writing whipped into the narrative. It hardly seems possible to convey the soul of a culture without describing what its people eat each day. Chinese-American author Jen Lin-Liu seems to agree. Five years after her “Serve the People: A Stir Fried Journey Through China,” in which she chronicled her path from freelance journalist to cooking school owner in China, Lin-Liu ...

FDA proposes limit for arsenic in apple juice 7/13/2013
Drink said to be safe to drink, but 'action level' makes enforcement easier Almost two years after consumer groups raised alarms over arsenic levels found in apple juice, the Food and Drug Administration on Friday proposed an "action level" of 10 parts per billion of inorganic arsenic, the same limit that environmental regulators place on drinking water.