101 N. Sixth Street
Allentown, PA
Michael Kubel
Visual Journalist
My Role

I give readers a deeper understanding of the world around them by capturing imagery of events that have meaning in their lives. From the hard hitting action of Eagles football, to a mother gently taking care of her special needs child, I work to provide insight to share with our readers.
My Biography

I got my start in photography at Penn State's Daily Collegian. After growing up in the Lehigh Valley, I worked in Central Pennsylvania doing community journalism and later freelanced in Philadelphia. I did a short stint working in Bangkok and taking travel pictures in Europe before returning to my roots in the valley and the Morning Call.
My Interests

My interests include photographing football, dance, portraits and politics; drinking coffee at a little coffee shop in Prague; museums and zoos; the Pogues; the photography of Jan Saudek.