285 Broad Street
Hartford, CT
Mark Mirko
Photographer III, N
My Role

Duties include making still images from a wide range of assignments including sports, news and features. I create still images, shoot video, build on-line photo-galleries, post to Eye Contact, the photo department blog and photo-edit part-time.
My Biography

2010: M.A. Visual Communication –– Ohio University, School of Visual Communication.

2003: Knight Fellow in New Media, Visual Communication and Newsroom Graphics Management, Ohio University, School of Visual Communication.

2002: California State University, Fresno –– B.A. Mass Communications and Journalism

April 2000 – present: Hartford Courant Staff Photographer. Hartford, CT

1991 - 2000 The Palm Beach Post Staff Photographer. West Palm Beach, FL

1991 – Prognosis: Director of Photography. Prague, The Czech Republic
My Interests

My family, visual communication, reading, radio, music, film, print-design and cycling.
My Recent Articles

Dynasty – Ten Titles 4/10/2015
For the past three weeks or so I’ve been holed up trying to edit over 20 years of UConn women’s basketball photographs for a book on the 10 NCAA Championships they’ve won. A daunting task in many ways since we were limited to about 10-12 page per chapter. Daunting in the reality of how technology […]

UConn Buzzer Beaters 3/14/2015
The UConn men’s basketball team has a history of winning at the buzzer. These nail-biting moments turn the volume up to 11 inside the arenas but they also give the sports photographers fits. In Friday’s AAC quarterfinal game against Cincinnati, the choice was easy: focus on Boatright. He nailed a 3 pointer with 0.2 seconds left […]

Out on a Limb 3/12/2015

Swing Shift 3/9/2015

Buffalo Shoveler 3/5/2015