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Marcia Pounds
My Role

Columnist, business writer and blogger covering the South Florida workplace, job market and small business. Answers reader's questions on careers, the job market and unemployment benefits on www.sunsentinel.com/AskMarcia. Also blogs about shopping deals on www.sunsentinel.com/shop.
My Biography

Sun Sentinel reporter, editor and columnist since 1984. Formerly worked for the Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, N.Y.

Author of I Found a Job!, Career Advice from Job Hunters Who Landed on their Feet, to be released in December 2010 by JIST.
My Interests

Writing about career, workplace and management issues, listening to jazz, blues and rock music, singing karaoke, visiting with friends and family across the nation.
My Recent Articles

Would you take a pay cut to save jobs? 8/4/2011
Given the unwelcome choice of a layoff or pay cut, most employees would opt for their pay being trimmed.

Talking to the boss about easing your workload 1/26/2010
Overworked employees may be afraid to complain Suzy Meyer, 25, once worked as a South Florida hotel manager. "We were very short staffed. I worked 10 days on with none off."

Try a little humor to get you through hard times at work 12/17/2008
The workplace hasn't been much fun this year, worrying about your job, budget cuts and a dwindling retirement savings.