Kristin Samuelson
Managing Editor
My Role

As RedEye's managing editor, my overall job is to lead our newsroom and ensure RedEye is delivering to our readers the best quality news, features, and sports coverage of Chicago and beyond. But my everyday duties range from building our online audience through unique web presentations and social media, to deciding what to feature on the next day's RedEye cover, to helping refine our video vision. Also at RedEye, we host several editorially driven events throughout the year, so I help come up with new ideas to make those bette each year and make sure our staff is involved every step of the way.

All of that sounds very clinical, but in reality, it's hella fun. I have one of the coolest jobs a journo could ask for and I get to lead a team of people who only want to deliver the best quality product in the coolest fashion every single day. I'm a lucky duck.
My Biography

Kristin was born and raised in Chicago and ventured all the way to ... beautiful Missouri for college. She graduated from Truman State University with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Vocal Music in 2005. Later that year, she started her career at the Tribune Company as a production intern for the Spike O'Dell morning-drive program, where she realized getting up at 2 a.m. every day could actually be fun.

Kristin first joined the Chicago Tribune in 2006 as the Editorial Board's coordinator and in November of 2009, she teamed up with Jon Yates as the "Problem Partner" for the What's Your Problem? column. She began reporting for the business section in June 2011.

After that, she joined the Tribune video team as video product manager, helping newsroom journalists find their inner anchor through a multitude of livecasts, including the Tribune's first-ever livecast on election night 2012; facilitating many of the videos that appeared on the; and worked with WGN TV to find useful ways to feature its video on

In September 2013, Kristin joined RedEye as digital managing editor and became RedEye's managing editor in April 2014.

Follow her on Twitter at @KSamRedEye