435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
John von Rhein
My Role

As classical music critic of the Chicago Tribune, I take all of the area's concert life as my purview, but I also report on classical music news and activity on the national and world stage. My responsibility extends to writing reviews, weekly columns, feature stories, obituaries, news stories, calendars and anything else that pertains to my beat. I see my task as creating a dialogue with readers that hopefully will illuminate that wonderful, mysterious art known as music for everyone who cares to be part of the extended conversation.
My Biography

My 33 years (and counting) at the Tribune have opened a range of musical experience and contact with performers and composers I never would have thought possible when I began my career in arts journalism. Having majored in music history and English at universities in Southern California (where I grew up and also studied the violin), I started writing about music (and dance) fulltime at the Akron Beacon Journal in Ohio, from 1971 to 1977. I came to the Tribune in the fall of 1977. It's been a great ride ever since.
My Interests

Although most of my time is spent going to musical performances and writing about them, in my spare moments I enjoy dining out in the company of friends as well as movies (art films, mostly) and the theater. MSNBC and late-night talk shows are just about the extent of my TV watching.