285 Broad Street
Hartford, CT
John Scanlan
Dir, Photography
My Role

As director of photography I help guide the photo editors, photographers, reporters and editors in visual matters. I know that sounds vague, but my job is mostly one of guidance and influence. That being said, I take a hands on approach to the daily paper and its content and appearance. I attend lots of meetings with origination editors where we discuss and plan upcoming stories. I also attend meetings with newsroom upper management folks where we discuss and plan these things and also plan for the long term. More than anything I am a proselytizer for the impact and beauty of photojournalism and design and their ability to communicate in an emotionally powerful way.
My Biography

John Scanlan was as U.S. Army photographer from 1968 through 1972, serving in both Vietnam (1969) and Germany (1970-72). He attended graduate school (photojournalism sequence) at the University of Missouri from 1973 through 1976. His first newspaper job was in 1980 at The Coffeyville Journal, a small newspaper near the Kansas/Oklahoma border. From 1983 until 1986 he worked as photo editor/photographer at The Greeley (Colorado) Tribune. He came to The Hartford Courant in 1986 as a picture editor. In 1995 he was promoted to Deputy Director of Photography. He became Director of Photography in 2000.
My Interests