435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
John P. McCormick
Deputy Editor, Editorial Page
My Role

I write Chicago Tribune editorials, chiefly about public corruption, government and the many places in Illinois where those strands intersect. I also write about homicide and other criminal violence. When Bruce Dold, editor of the editorial pages, is away from Chicago, I step into his role as editor of the opinion pages, in print and online.
My Biography

Born in Dubuque, Iowa, and raised in Manchester, 40 miles to the west. Extended family punctuated with many journalists, although my father and grandfather (FDR fan /and/ Chicago Tribune subscriber) ran a small furniture store. Starting at age 13, unbundled and sold the Tribune at Groves Pharmacy (unofficial motto: "Don't spend your money all in one place -- unless it's right here at Groves Pharmacy"). Left home for Campion Jesuit High School in Prairie du Chien, Wis. (now a Wisconsin state prison). Northwestern University, majors in political science and journalism. Worked nights as a copyboy at the Chicago Daily News, fetching sandwiches for columnist Mike Royko. Reporter and columnist for the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, then Chicago-based correspondent and Midwest bureau chief for Newsweek magazine. Came to the Tribune editorial board in 2000 and have worked only in this department.
My Interests

I read, I run, I bike, I read some more, I work. I play in the yard with Joker the Wonder Dog. Then it's time to sleep. Oh, and I spend a lot of time trying to get my name removed from databases that crafty marketers and interest groups create by gleaning information from ... company Web sites. So please, let's be friends, not spammers.