435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Jenniffer Weigel
My Role

Emcee and columnist for Trib University. The link for TribU is on the front page of Chicagotribune.com. My column is called "Lessons for Life". I also appear weekly on WGN Television and daily on CLTV discussing topics for Trib University.
My Biography

I spent years as a television reporter/anchor and radio host in Chicago. I dropped out of the media to write two books, have a kid, and "find myself". I'm thrilled to be back on the beat with my "Lessons for Life" column.
My Interests

Spirituality, writing, playing with my son, running, yoga(when I remember to do it), and anything that has to do with Italian food.
My Recent Articles

Matt Stonie tops Joey Chestnut in hot dog eating contest 7/4/2015
Matt Stonie shocked the competitive eating world on Saturday by upsetting Joey "Jaws" Chestnut at the Fourth of July hot dogveating contest at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island, breaking Chestnut's bid for a ninth straight victory.

Heart breaks for father's Greece, head worries for my America 7/4/2015
The politicians and economists have many fine theories about what's happening in Greece, and what will happen after Sunday's big vote.

'Serial stowaway' arrested at Midway day after release from jail 7/4/2015
A woman dubbed a "serial stowaway" because of her record of trying to sneak aboard airplanes has been arrested at Midway Airport a day after she was released from jail, officials said.

Teen killed at park named for Hadiya Pendleton: 'What a terrible tribute to her' 7/4/2015
Vonzell Banks was about to start a summer job next week before finishing his last year at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy.

Campaigns halt in Greece as referendum looms: What that all means 7/4/2015
On his 10-year trip home, the Greek hero Odysseus at one point had to steer his ship and crew down a narrow stretch of water menaced on opposite sides by two sea monsters, Scylla and Charybdis.