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David Jackson
My Role

David Jackson is a Tribune reporter.
My Biography

David Jackson's articles have prompted congressional hearings, law enforcement indictments and legislative reform. He has been at the Tribune since 1991 except for a year at The Washington Post, where he shared the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for public service with two reporters and a data analyst.

At the Tribune David has been a Pulitzer finalist three times: for a 2011 series with Gary Marx that interviewed dangerous fugitives who live with impunity in foreign countries; for the 1999 series "How Troubled Kids Became Big Business"; and for a 1995 investigation of the Nation of Islam that spurred a federal probe of then-Chicago Housing Authority chief Vince Lane, who was imprisoned.

David and Gary's report on fugitives earned the Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism.

They followed with a 2012 investigation showing thousands of Chicago elementary students miss months of school each year or vanish altogether from city attendance rolls.

Their 2009 "Compromised Care" series led to a sweeping overhaul of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act and to new housing and services programs for thousands of people with mental illness.

David's 2005 series on mortgage fraud, "The New Street Hustle," exposed liaisons between gang members and real estate professionals, sparked numerous indictments and led to new state laws.

Government reports corroborated his 2002 study, "The Human Cost of Coal Mining," which linked growing numbers of safety violations and deaths to company negligence.

David's 2001 series on school food illness outbreaks led to a joint U.S. Senate-House hearing and the introduction of three food safety bills, and was confirmed by a subsequent General Accounting Office report.

His 2000 report on ties of money and friendship between top Chicago police officials and crime syndicate figures showed how the U.S. attorney's office reined in a key investigation while other probes were derailed in Chicago's Internal Affairs Division.