435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
Courtney Crowder
Entertainment Reporter, Editing Assistant
My Role

I work mainly for the Printer's Row (books) section of the Chicago Tribune. I handle a lot of the print section - it's organization, writing and editing - and I also write for the Printer's Row Web site. In Printer's Row, we believe in 'digital first,' which means our actual print section is small, but mighty. In addition to my literary requirements, I also write for the other entertainment sections of the paper including 'On the Town,' 'Arts and Entertainment,' 'Play' and 'Live!'
My Biography

I spent half my childhood in Wrigleyville and half in the northern suburb of Glenview. In high school, I was as involved as Jason Schwartzman in "Rushmore," taking on everything I could. I then went to college at New York University. Being 17 in New York City was great, but as the idea of living there without the aid of any parental money was a bit daunting. I came back to Chicago after graduating with a B.A. in journalism and literature and got an internship at the Tribune. I was hired right after and I have never looked back. I am pretty much living my dream.
My Interests

I love TV. I watch more TV than anyone you know - that is something I guarantee. I also really like walking my dog, but not in the winter, which is basically half the year in Chicago. I drink 2-4 Starbucks caffeinated beverages a day. I love to travel; to exotic places, yes, but also just to unique places in the MidWest. I like to go to new bars and I get really excited at the prospect of trying a new beer.