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Cindy Kent
Asst, Reporting
My Role

I'm about as local as you can get.

My weekly business profiles highlight people and the jobs they do. I profile local businesses. These features include a take away and resources for readers.

I produce an online and print business calendar. Social business networking is a huge factor in a small business owner's success. People network to find jobs and change careers. I highlight these business events as online briefs that link readers back to the online calendar for more information and more events.

I write a weekly People on the move column which is also a UGC gallery.

I view the many bits of information about an event for the calendar or a promotion for the People on the move column as your big news and what's important to you is important to the economic engine of our business community.

My Biography

I started my journalism career at the Miami Herald. I worked as a copy girl. I was the weather clerk on the copy desk. I worked in the composing room and the art department.

But it was my stint on the business desk where I learned to take out every flowery adjective known to PR folk. "Who says they're the 'first'," my editor would advise. "Who says they are the best? Or the most respected? Always remember who the messenger is," he cautioned.

Fast forward to a few years at the Newspaper Association of America. That's where I learned on what side a journalist's bread is really buttered!.

A few years later, I rejoined newsroom life at the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale in 1996. I'm home now.
My Interests

Social media. People. Media. The mind.