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Chicago, IL
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Charles Johnson
Senior online producer
My Role

As a digital news editor on Nation and World desk, I'm responsible for editing national and international news for the Tribune's family of newspapers. I set a daily news budget, write breaking news stories, edit photographs, design online content and collaborate with the good people at Reuters to design our coverage of breaking news around the world.

As a reporter I contribute to the Travel, Dining and Good Eating sections of the Trib as well as online. I've written about the National Park Service, airline advertising rules, the Chicago transit system, Groupon, Chicago restaurants and something incredible called "speculoos spread."

Contact me and view samples of my work here: http://www.CharlesJJohnson.com/
My Biography

A northern Illinois native, I began "working" in journalism at the tender age of 17, writing a politics column for my high school paper. Journalism school at the University of Illinois followed where I wrote for the Illini Media Company's print and digital properties, co-hosted programming on WPGU 107.1.

I've been reading the Chicago Tribune, literally, since I've been able to read and it's a thrill to contribute to the great journalism the Tribune Company does everyday.
My Interests

I'll read almost anything non-fiction, listen to almost anything resembling soul music, and root for almost anything from Illinois not named "White Sox" or "Northwestern." I'm embarrassed (but not too badly) to admit Illinois over Arizona in 2005 is, to this point, one of the best moments of my entire life.