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Hartford, CT
Carolyn Lumsden
Editor, Opinion Page
My Role

I oversee the daily Opinion pages, the six-page Sunday Opinion section, and the highly capable crew that produces them. We write editorials and publish a dozen local op-eds and columnists weekly, as well as daily letters and the Englehart cartoon. We publish the Cartoon Caption Contest, Buzz questions, "Ed Page" on Facebook (friend us) and Twitter (follow us). We produce Key Issue Forums, candidate interviews, and on and on.
My Biography

I've worked at the Associated Press in Boston, at Random House in New York, Gillette Corp. in Boston. Went to BU (majored in English lit), later to journalism school at Stanford, and spent a wonderful year at Yale Law School on a Knight fellowship. I live in Suffield with my husband, Francesco Martini, a native of Italy. We go back every year to Gaville, a little magical kingdom where he grew up.
My Interests

Media, ideas, books, Italy, Connecticut.
My Recent Articles

Last Chance To Right Ship For Schooner Amistad 10/5/2015
The Freedom Schooner Amistad is an inspiring symbol for Connecticut and a unique way to teach students about the struggle for human rights. What it has not been, to date, is financially sustainable. The ship and its finances have been poorly managed by its nonprofit owner, and state oversight over...

Police Insult No Joking Matter 10/4/2015
It's difficult to fathom what was in the mind of the West Hartford Dunkin' Donuts employee who, when she saw a police officer waiting in line to order, proclaimed that "we don't serve cops here." We hope it was just a boneheaded comment made by someone who, however mistakenly, thought she was being...

Case Against Richard Lapointe Over, But It's Hardly Justice 10/3/2015
One of the sorriest chapters in the history of the state's criminal justice system came to an end Friday when a Superior Court judge dismissed the capital murder case against Richard Lapointe. Free at last, Mr. Lapointe is 69 and in poor health. Having ruined his life for the past three decades,...

What Will It Take For Congress To Act On Guns? 10/3/2015
This is utterly insane. Due to the rank cowardice of Congress, the price of living in this country has become more than 30,000 gun deaths — dozens each day — and many injuries each year. In 2015, there have been 294 mass shootings in which at least four people were killed or injured. There haven't...

Hartford Treasurer Adam Cloud Needs Trip To Ethics Woodshed 10/2/2015
The Hartford ethics commission, which meets in two weeks, would be remiss if it does not review the actions of city treasurer Adam Cloud, whose conduct has been called into question again. The issue was first raised with Mr. Cloud's involvement with insurance broker Earl O'Garro. In late 2011,...