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Hartford, CT
Carolyn Lumsden
Editor, Opinion Page
My Role

I oversee the daily Opinion pages, the six-page Sunday Opinion section, and the highly capable crew that produces them. We write editorials and publish a dozen local op-eds and columnists weekly, as well as daily letters and the Englehart cartoon. We publish the Cartoon Caption Contest, Buzz questions, "Ed Page" on Facebook (friend us) and Twitter (follow us). We produce Key Issue Forums, candidate interviews, and on and on.
My Biography

I've worked at the Associated Press in Boston, at Random House in New York, Gillette Corp. in Boston. Went to BU (majored in English lit), later to journalism school at Stanford, and spent a wonderful year at Yale Law School on a Knight fellowship. I live in Suffield with my husband, Francesco Martini, a native of Italy. We go back every year to Gaville, a little magical kingdom where he grew up.
My Interests

Media, ideas, books, Italy, Connecticut.
My Recent Articles

An Easter Concert 75 Years Ago 4/18/2014
An "accidental pioneer" sang "America" in defiance of racism Easter is a holiday of hope. It was on Easter Sunday 75 years ago that Marian Anderson, whose grandfather had been a slave, sowed hope in the heart of the nation with her legendary performance.

Marathon Shows Boston Strong 4/18/2014
A million people will defy terrorism to cheer on runners along the route of last year's deadly marathon It takes a lot of training to run a marathon. Monday, it will take courage, too.

Conviction Reviews Could Spare Innocent, State 4/18/2014
Kenneth Ireland: Wrongful conviction case argues for review of convictions Kenneth Ireland lost the years when he might have gone to college, started a career, begun a family. They were taken from him when he was jailed for 21 years for a rape and murder that he didn't commit. He was exonerated in 2009 when DNA testing led authorities to another man, who was convicted of the crime.

People Dying As State Dithers On Narcan 4/18/2014
Connecticut resists distributing lifesaving antidote How many people have to die of drug overdoses in Connecticut before the state government acts?

Thumbs Up, Down On NCAA 4/17/2014
NCAA moves closer to letting athletes have enough to eat One thumb up to the NCAA for moving closer to letting Division I athletes have enough food to eat by allowing them unlimited meals instead of just three meals a day. And one thumb down for taking so long to do this. The collegiate sports organization's board of directors has to approve the proposal next week. The NCAA was shamed by UConn basketball star Shabazz Napier's recent remark that there are "hungry nights where I'm not able to eat...